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D. Cobb Consulting represents a culmination of works through years of service to my local community and my dedication to the love of my family, Journalism and my community.

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"Gracie's Big Adventure With the Misfits" Gracie turns a rainy day into an adventure after finding a duck in her backyard. But this is no ordinary duck. The mouse she finds in her yard is no ordinary mouse, either....and then there's the third critter. Gracie's new friends all have something in common, they are misfits of sort and Gracie is on a mission to help them.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Augustine the Beaver has wandered away from his pond.  He is soon befriended by a little girl named Gracie.  Gracie decides to secretly keep him; until her nosey little brother finds out.  The house is turned upside down when the beaver takes over.

The children's story is about sibling friendship, sprinkled with family values and an important lesson at the end everyone will enjoy.

Debbie lives in Northern CA with her family. She works in the News and Television Industry. She has recently ventured into Authoring Children's Books.
"I am so proud to introduce my line of children's books Gracie's Big Adventures.  It is the first of a series of wonderful adventures with Gracie, her family members and many other characters."

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